dora rocks it.

so let's talk backpacks.

it's pretty obvious that i take the metro. if you haven't caught on to that yet, go back to school and learn how to read.

and i have a confession.

i take a backpack.

not like a cool, awesome, functional, fashional backpack.

like a north face laptop backpack.

a red one. that holds my graphing calculator. highlighters. and colored pencils.

shit. i am a dork.

i am just realizing this.

so i need a new one.

it doesn't have to be a backpack per se but it needs to be large enough to hold my laptop. i have found a home for my calculator and pens and pencils. so just the laptop. and my sweet ass lunch box.

all the ones i like are like 70000000 dollars.

grown up bags.

grown up bags. by whitcole featuring canvas tote bags

or should i keep the dork look?