badass unicorn.

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tomorrow is friday and that makes me super happy.

you know how you have those lists of things you want to do but you just don't have time to do them??

i can feel it.

this weekend is it.

i am leaving the booze in the fridge and doing something with my life.

after my martini night with erica and melissa obviously.

here's to hoping.

oh and i forgot to tell you... the lucky one sucked. i laughed OUT LOUD at some of the scenes. and they weren't funny. way too cheesy for me. and the fact that they compared it to the notebook just makes me mad. because that is a real movie. a good 'i haven't cried in 5 years i have to many tears' movie. so no, zac efron, you didn't meet my expectations. except for his hotness. your thoughts? i know you went.