wet tshirt contest. done and done.

this week i won't be here. and by here, i mean sitting in front of the computer reading your blogs. sad face. but since it is spring break [for all the lucky people out there] i asked a couple bloggers to share their spring break stories. while i am out wearing a hard hat, steel toed boots, and safety vest hammering nails in the wall, you'll be here. think about that when you think your day is rough. 

i can't share mine. for LOTS of reasons. lots and LOTS of reasons. to protect the innocent mainly. [that's me mom, don't worry]

so sit back. and reminisce about your college years with these ladies. and if i get enough requests, i might MIGHT just share a good one of mine. 

don't miss me too much. 

so there is this girl jenna. she likes to eat bacon. LOTS AND LOTS of bacon. usually with eggs. burgers. well anything. and that is when we became the very best friends. 

we chat sometimes about our dreams to be princesses. and wear costumes to work. but then we quickly remember we don't live in disney. so that never works. 

Hiiii! I’m Jenna. I blog over at The Paleo Project.

I’m 24. I like to drink. I travel. I get down. So, you might not believe this when I say I’ve never been on a legit spring break. The closest to any “spring break” like shenanigans would have to be the trip to Las Vegas in October of 2010 with my three best friends. And since we were already post-grad, and it was, you know, fall, it doesn’t really count. My senior year of college, my boyfriend and I went to the Bahamas during spring break. We drank and ate our way through the trip, but other than several hang overs, I’d have to, again, exclude that trip from the “spring break” category. No wet t-shirt contests. No black outs. No missing people.

Do you want to know the wildest trip I’ve ever been on?

Cancun, Mexico, 2005. Me. My mom. My two aunts. And Uncle John.

There were body shots.

Pool makeout sessions.

Falls from the balcony of a fourth floor hotel room.

The only thing was, it wasn’t my spring break.

It was Canada’s.

And while I was only 16, I witnessed a crew of college-aged Canadians get shitfaced every day by the pool while making lots of poor, however fun, decisions. And then I was promptly put to bed at 9:30pm.

i have a feeling she is leaving out a wet t-shirt contest in there somewhere in her college years. i know her. and i think that is something she would TOTALLY do.


she is too well dressed for that.

at any rate. go here to get started on her life.

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