thank goodness it is friday.

i mean seriously. this week draggggeeedddddd on.

but i bring you a new lovely lady that is making her debut on cheeriosandbeer. i felt we were going to be best friends after i saw she hosts a 80's themed ski ballet weekend with her girlfriends. i promptly asked if i could be added to the guest list for next year.

so i am looking forward to that.

but seriously this girl is legit.

when whitney asked me to write a spring break post

my mind immediately starting playing back mems from cabo 2004.

(unfortunately no incriminating photos were found for this post.....but i tried)

we were 18.  seniors in high school.

it was my first time to mexico and obviously we chose cabo because 18 was the legal drinking age.

we went with 6 chicks and 3 moms.  mine not included.

i'm pretty sure we wouldn't be mother and daughter after the incidents on this trip.

some of us may or may not have gotten on stage for a "dancing contest"

a certain someone may or may not have gotten in second place.

the bar owners may or may not have video taped the whole thing.

we may or may not have agreed to eat dinner there the next night per the moms' request.

the video may or may not have been replayed on all of the tvs in the bar.

we may or may not have bribed/threatened the bar owner in spanglish for the original copy.

story goes.....the tape was thrown in the ocean for no one to see.  ever.

nightmares about that tape surfacing at a wedding.....only sometimes.

some other highlights include:

one of the moms letting in the "maid" and my passport getting stolen.

renting a banana boat only to find out mid ride that the driver was completely intoxicated.

only a few of us fell off and had to swim to shore.  pretty sure cabo has sharks...

i could add more to the list but my 26 year old self is slightly mortified.

oh, to be 18 and stupid.

happy spring breakin'!!

see?? i told you. meagan is the bomb.com.

the best spring breaks are the ones that you can't show the pictures. and the ones where you have to bribe the owner of an incriminating video.

she did it up right. and if this was her senior year of high school?? i can't ONLY imagine how great college was.

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