stop being a chicken.

i've got nothing hilarious to tell you this morning so i am not going to try.

so i decided to give you a recipe. and a funny picture.

my sister told me she was making chicken salad this one time. and i barfed a little in my mouth.

because i hate [HATE] mayo. you guys knew this.

but then i got sad because it sounded SO good.

so i put my thinking cap on and decided i could make do with something else.

greek yogurt.

don't barf yet. give me a sec.

the [i hate mayo] chicken salad
1 rotisserie chicken chopped [i also don't touch raw meat]
1 bunch of red grapes halved
1 handful of chopped dill
1 single serving of greek yogurt [i don't use fat free. go for the real deal]
2-3 big stalks of celery chopped
handful of slivered almonds [if you are allergic..please leave these out]
squirt of lemon juice [real or out of the squeeze thing]
salt and pepper to taste

just throw it all in a bowl and let is chill in the fridge.

SO easy. and so delicious without mayo.

toast up some bread and eat it.

and put a stache on your sister's dog. just for good measure.
i basically replace everything that says mayo with greek yogurt. tuna salad is also a good variation.

try it. tell me what you think.