one of my dirty secrets.

i wouldn't give you all of them on here. but i posted a pic on twit last night and some people were less than impressed.

so i felt i should explain myself.

first. the picture.

too many tube socks. [laundry day]
you are probably thinking...who buys these anymore besides old men and 10 year old boys? 

i am willing to bet that only ONE other person reading this has purchased a pack [not just a pair] of tube socks in the last year. 

i like being the outlier. 

anyway. i have a reason i choose tube socks over peds. or ankle. or no-show...

my everyday boot.
you wear ankle socks with those for an hour and tell me you don't have blisters. 

so suck it.

but just for good measure. i am showing you i do in fact wear no-show socks. you can see from the picture below the markings of the tube socks. because as soon as i can take them off. i do. 

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