not like i used to.

one of these things is not like the others:

college whitney, no hangover, current whitney.


i am a bit concerned. especially for this weekend considering i planned a weekend around drinking. [look away mom]

unexpectedly, i went to the bar at 3 yesterday. well, i mean i expected it. but i didn't expect to run into a colleague and drink for three hours and take a jager bomb. at 4 on a thursday. so that was unexpected.

then i went home and passed out from 7-10. woke up and realized today would be shitty and i would be pissed for taking that jager bomb.

then i have to do is again today at 12. and then tomorrow at 12.

i might start chugging soda water and telling people there is vodka in there and act drunk just to circumvent the hangovers.

i know i already posted about this before. but it was fresh in my mind again waking up this morning.

and i already picked out my outfit for tomorrow. this is real. just the cheaper versions.


march by whitcole featuring sleeveless tops

but i think i can afford the bud heavy and chapstick.

[if you want to join me and erica tomorrow, email me. i will let you know our secret location.]

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