my heart belongs to flipper.

my first memory of megan was a couple months ago when i took a tequila shot with her.

via her vlog.

but i think that counts. so you should too. anyway. i wanted to point this out before her spring break story because the amount of booze consumed is a little under average for spring break; but she made up her booze points with me because of that post.

and then the last picture. BUT don't skip to that. because there is something about a girl falling in love with a dolphin involved and i think you would be disappointed if you missed it.

The spring break of my senior year, I decided to do something crazy. I went on vacation with my brother and our parents.


I know, I know. Spring Break is supposed to a drunken week full of crazy shenanigans. But my family and I are really close, and when my parents were like, want to go to Atlantis for your spring break? We'll play with dolphins and I was like, uh, yeah. I'm not the kind of person who says no to kissing a real live dolphin.

So, after a few days of lounging at the pool, coconut-almond iced lattes, and some pretty serious naps in the sun (our bartender was a little heavy handed with the rum in our daiquiris), the day of our "appointment with a dolphin" finally came.

We're excited! It's so bright that Mom can't keep her eyes open.

Sean and Dad have snorkels because they participated in the "deep water experience."

We got in the water, met our dolphin, and then, one of my favorite memories took place:

Megan + Atlas 4ever

I got to kiss the dolphin.

If you ever decide to go to Atlantis, I highly suggest splurging on the dolphin experience. It might change your life. You can cut corners later and save yourself some money at the bar by just going straight to a liquor store. 

The following bottles of booze were dirt cheap. I think we paid $30-40 for the whole stash.
And the cashier might even offer to throw some rum in your fruit punch. You know, for the walk back.

Oh, the Bahamas.
Enjoy your spring breaks, friends.

how PICTURESQUE is that kissing picture? it is like the advertisement for sea world. or atlantis. my favorite part is that her eyes are closed. that is how you know the love is real...right??

see. i told you that she is amazeballs. hard not to be with that loot. 

friend her. you won't regret it. 

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