mines bigger than yours.

you guys want to see my new office??

i've got a lot of work to do to it but i think it'll come together nicely.

i like to spread the papers across my table desk to look like i am super busy.

but really i'm not.

i also bought a new graphing calculator because mine got stolen. do i need the graphing function? um no. do i need a calculator for more functions than just add and subtract? no. but i feel more sophisticated with it.

when i am making a deal i pull out my calculator and it intimidates them. my calculator is bigger than yours. see how that works?

not only do i give you life lessons, i give you business tips. you guys are so lucky.

hopefully i can tell you about a new project on monday. but i know what i am not supposed to know so i can't tell because i am not supposed to know. you follow me? a little gripe i have with my job is i can move at a moments notice. for example. i work on a project for 7 months. and on a friday, they tell me to report somewhere else on monday.

so i work as 'if i got hit by the beer truck.' [i hate that saying btw]

and a picture of the bench i designed. the curve wasn't my idea but i picked out the tile and paint. not my finest work but i love leaving my mark around arlington.

ignore the pollen. i wasn't about to clean it for you.