look at them go.

i hate to admit it. but i did not have the gators going past the second round in my bracket.

but like i said already. it went to shit the first day. so i am glad they are winning. even if i lose.

go gators. march madness.

go gators. march madness. by whitcole featuring sheer tops

so let's talk about a couple things up there.

i found that phillip lim bag the other day. and i died a little.

ok. a LOT.

why would someone make such a beautiful bag and try and charge me $800 for it??

it only hurts.

so i am faced with a dilemma. do i:

a. buy a $800 purse.
b. buy a new mattress to fix my problems.

you see my problem.

next is the new kate spade watch collection.

are you kidding me right now? kate has done it again.

i remember when she made those cardboard box look-a-like purses covered in fabric. i wasn't a fan. but then she graduated to fine leather. and i started liking her. then she made beautiful shoes. and now?? lezzzbeeefriendssss.

lastly. i am still pinning for some studded loafers. but i am too much of a chicken shit to purchase them.

what do you think?

go gators.

this weekend i will be doing a LOT of this.