a little insight.

so in my personal opinion, i have a lot of good things to say when it comes to life lessons, suggestions, and problems.

while i may not listen to my own advice at all times, i am very good at listening and giving it to others.

i met up with a college friend last night and she told me she was in a rut.

well maybe those were my words, but i think it was accurate.

i bet you didn't know i was in a rut myself. a little over a year ago.

i just searched through my posts during that time and i am less than impressed.

none worth mentioning.


what i wanted to tell you is that it is normal. so normal. no one tells you that it sucks to grow up and making decisions for your life is harder than you think.

way hard.

BUT. i found a way out.

and i wanted to share with you how. because i think it is important.

you ready...

change your mindset.

while you may not be able to control everything. you can control how you think. and if you wake up every morning thinking i am going to be happy today it will work. your mind starts changing. and you start believing you are happy.

this might sound small and stupid. but it works.

and i got a tattoo to remind me daily. i'm not saying go to that extreme; but the constant reminder of everything good you have going for you, will continue to transform your outlook.

Source: lolyland.net via Whitney on Pinterest

and while you might not be able to change everything at once, or even at all, know that where you are is where you are meant to be at this very moment.

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and if you aren't in a rut. well then you are a lucky bitch. and you can come back tomorrow for something funny.

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