hollisters got nothing on me.

so erica lives across the street from me. well maybe like four streets. but in such a world that you meet someone online and the chances that they live ACROSS THE STREET, is beautiful. i remember when we met. she was a scared little girl who never met up with a stranger she talked to via the internet. she suggested a well lit coffee shop in the middle of the day. JUST IN CASE i was a serial killer. obvi. 

anyway. after stories of sorority functions, tequila shots, tattoos, i knew we would be fast friends. and this story made it so much more apparent. if you want to have a SOLID spring break, go to your local sorority house and ask to tag along. 

hi cheerios and beer readers! my name is erica and i blog over at pocket full of chuckles. i met whitney a few months ago through this little blogging community and now we're bff's. i was of course delighted when she asked me to do a guest post and then when she told me to write about my favorite spring break memory, it just solidified our friendship even more.

i'm going to tell you a story about one night during a spring break trip and how me and my friend, jose, no longer hang out.

it was spring 2004. i was in my freshman year of college at west virginia university (go 'eers!) and a group of my high school girlfriends and i traveled to classy cancun. typical spring break destination at the time.

getting silly at the hotel

if you go on spring break then you're ultimately setting yourself up to doing really terrible things to your body. especially at the ripe old age of 18 - you think you are invincible. and i thought i was.

one of our last nights in cancun we went to a club that had an outdoor dance floor on the beach. it was pretty awesome. we were feeling extra good that night - our bodies were tan, we made sure that our hollister skirts were extra short  - we knew it was going to be an epic night. a group of boys took notice, invited us up to their "vip" section, and bought us cranberry vodkas. because that's what you drink when you're 18. 

hollister skirts and puka shell necklaces.
i was so cool.
then came my friend jose...
jose cuervo.

jose and i had been friends for a while...best friends in fact. so when i saw those bottles come to our "vip" table, i was ecstatic. jose and i were going to get to hang out all night! i knew this would be the epic night that we all wanted. so i thought...

in a matter of 60 minutes i somehow managed - in between all the dancing and flirting - to take nine shots. nine! in one hour! no, i was not forced or dared to take that many shots. i was just an "invincible" 18 year old, on spring break, in mexico. isn't that what you did, too?

and a tongue ring.
goodbye, friends.
the girls and i closed out the club, took a dip in the ocean (fully clothed), and safely made it back to the hotel. i'm pretty sure i did some stupid stuff and said plenty of stupid things post shots, but i have NO idea how i managed to NOT get sick. no idea. but to this day the thought and even smell of any kind of tequila makes me cringe. cringe, i tell ya!

i haven't hung out with jose since that "epic" night and i'm not sure if we'll ever be able to reconcile. 
and i think i'm okay with that.

i have lost the words for this.


hollister and puka shells. enough said.

erica. you are a legend in my book.

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