the bachelor can suck it.

i met megan a couple years ago. and by met, i mean i started stalking her. and then we became friends. also known as twitter friends. which was a big day in my life. like. EPIC.

so naturally, i HAD to have her share one of her spring break stories. because what is spring break without a model in a bathing suit on the island of hawaii??

answer: not spring break. 

so yeah. megan rocks it. 

It was Spring Break 2006
I was 19 years old,
and on a trip to Hawaii with my mom,
brother, best friend, and best friends mom.
(whoa, slow down Megan, spring break with the mom..craaazy)

I know.
Not the college friends in bikini spring break you were picturing, i'm sure.

We were staying on Maui,
which happened to be where this guy i went to high school with was living at the time..
He had different colored eyes,
so naturally I gave him a call.

He ended up joining my family for the majority of our trip
(what can I say, I look good tan)

On one particular glorious hawaiin day,
you know, birds singing in english, butterflies landing in the center of your head type day..
we decided to all drive up to Hana.

Along the way, we stopped and hiked up to some waterfalls.
People were jumping off of the cliffs into the water
(this is where it starts to feel like an episode of the bachelor)
My hot friend from high school, my best friend, and my brother all decided to jump off of a cliff into the water.
*Tom grabbed my hand to guide me up the cliffs.
::cue romantic music and slow motion laughing::
we reached the top and I almost pissed my pants.
This was not romantic..
but like a good single girl on the bachelor,
I did whatever the hot man told me to do
(or ABC producers)

But not without a little drama..
I sat on that damn cliff for 45 minutes..
just long enough to attract a crowd of people below.
While *Tom 
and everyone else

I stared into those blue, green and brown eyes
and i thought i might puke with fear all over his perfect face.

Then finally..
i did it.

And I'm pretty sure i blacked out halfway down because i lost form
and SAT
on the water.
sort of jostled me from my fear state,
and i rose from the water to a "GASP"
from everyone watching.


I played it cool for awhile..
until a couple hours later the black and blue started to form over my entire ass and back of my legs.


And that is the story of my hawaiin spring break spent sleeping on my stomach.

*Names have been changed  so that i wont continue to embarrass myself

told ya. model in a bsuit. can't beat that. ESPECIALLY with a black and blue behind.

go here to become her best friend too. but don't think you take my spot in her best friend list. because you won't. 

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