wake up in the morning feeling like p.diddy.

this weekend i have done a lot of thinking. 

like too much. 

enough to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning on a saturday. [wtf??] 

somethings i can't tell you about. somethings i can. 

i have been thinking for a while now about going back to school for my mba. but i always write it off as not necessary. i think because i am scared to go back to school. but this weekend something clicked. someone told me that i should only go back when i'm ready. so does this mean i am ready?

i think i am over that "i miss undergrad because i wish i could stay out till 2am and drink obsessive amounts of alcohol and not have any responsibilities" phase. 

as known as ... i'm grown up. 


have you had this revelation yet??

i feel like it is a big one. kind of like the day you realized santa wasn't real. the life changing kind.

i feel good about it. 

anyway. wanted to share that with you. 

if you missed my vlogs this weekend go here. you get to see me uncensored. you're welcome. 

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