the musical listenings of free willy

who is free willy you ask??

my car.

yes. i named him.

he's pretty sexy.

anyway. i was going through my phone pictures this weekend and realized i take quite a few pictures of the songs i am listening to. it is mostly to send to chelsea.

the responses i get:

[no response] <--- which i can only deduce that she is speechless due to my superior musical taste.
"i knew you had it in you"
"i hate that song more than you know"

1 sisqo thong song
2 men at work down under
3 sir mix-a-lot baby got back
4 marc cohn walking in memphis
5 inner circle sweat
6 nelly e.i.
7 aqua barbie girl
8 piles/jeremih just the tip

pretty much awesome selections yeah??

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