if it is yellow. let it mellow.

[you'll see where that title comes in in just a bit]

going along with my fashion friday theme...


weekender by whitcole featuring a pleated skirt

i couldn't quite pass up the chance to plan an outfit revolving around travelling. i have been thinking about getting the hell outta dodge for days and days.

where would i wear this outfit?? ANYWHERE but here.

told you i am obsessed with maxi skirts.

adding them to my closet one by one.


i posted this question on twitter yesterday but didn't get a response. so i thought i would ask here.

if i were to film a video. of me. rambling talking about the tv shows i watch and my opinions. would you want to watch? what if it was after some glasses of vino? would you join in? sort of like we were watching these shows together?

think about it. and get back to me. because i know you want to see another video of my face. i just know you do.

but i want to see yours too. so this would be a win win.

lastly. i went to yoga with erica last night and today i am cruising at a pain level of 1.5. which means it will exponentially increase by the days end. can't wait. but it feels SO good to be back. so if i start to mellow out here, let me know and i can quit again. for you.

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