i have answers. to lifes problems.

so i skipped two. sorry 'bout that.

but 14 pictures is way above the standard round these parts. so get off it.

day 15: something i wake up to every morning.
this is my TRUE guilty pleasure. my college roommate got me addicted to this sound machine and i can NOT sleep without it. everyone that spends the night gets to hear it. and they all agree. it is the bomb.com. you can buy yours here. don't hesitate. it will solve all your life problems. swear. 

day 16: in my bag.
you will get another post with EVERYTHING in there but i felt it was odd that i had so many germ/medicine things in my small purse. flu season still right?

day 17: something sweet.
gingersnaps. yes please. 

day 18: nature.
oh you know. just hanging out on the roof. at sunset. boom. 

day 19: a gift.
i finally got my christmas present in from nordstroms. the main stores don't carry everything. sucks. but this is the BEST smelling perfume. like. the BEST. it is pretty pricey. ok. real pricey. but worth every spritz. 

day 20: something i bought.
GUMBO. that shit is good. off a food truck. yum-o. thanks dc. 

day 21: favorite time of day. 
sunset. two reasons: that sunset. [also on the roof.] and i get to leave work around sunset. so it is PERFECT. and that photo is not filtered. thank you instagram i can take pictures by myself. [sometimes.]

oh yeah. follow me on there. [@whitcole]

and here. i promise i am funny.

link up with my new ex-pat girlfriend at whiskey.tango.foxtrot. 

tomorrow. winner for that giveaway that you guys thought was so awesome. come back for that.

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