i am warning you.

yesterday was pretty boring. yeah. i get it.

but i had shit to do.

but this one. this one is special.

it is friday. and you deserve something nice for lasting all week.

i was watching tv last night. good ol NY ink. getting some ideas for my full sleeve*.

and i saw this:

i gagged.

and then i smiled for thinking how normal i am.

and then i chugged the rest of my beer to celebrate how normal i am.

and then i ate nail polish.

maybe i am a little harsh for making fun of these people BUT i am pretty sure they know they are crazy. why else would they be on this show???????

intimate[!!!!!!!!!!] relationship with YOUR CAR?! and it isn't even a nice one?

eating nail polish? at least make it glitter polish. but i guess that is more expensive.

taking a pair of scissors and digging in your ear? i'm sorry but NOTHING about that makes me think 'hm, this is safe.'

cat treats. enough said. didn't see a husband in that clip. only one can assume there isn't one.

tlc has some weird shit on there.

but they do have this show...sorority girls...seen it?

hits close to home. aka my college years. 'weighed and measured'

fuck that. i would have punched her in the face. but they did coin the phrase 'slooter cahooter' and i am using that daily now.

slooter cahooter: a girl that dresses a little too slutty

you're welcome.

see you monday kiddos.

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