epitome of customer service.

so if you have been here a while you know that i am obsessed with hot tamales. like i had to give them up because i was eating them too much obsessed. it was bad at one point. i would say that was my lowest.


i'm back to normal.

anyway, what i was getting at was this. my sister bought me a box of their valentines 'love mix' candies and they were supposed to be exactly the same as the regular. just a couple different colors. well. they were terrible. and i was so sad that i now had a box of hot tamales that didn't satisfy my needs.

so i wrote them a little email. mainly so they could know that they didn't taste the same.

not more than 1 hours later...

so for the last 2 weeks i have been waiting. and waiting. to see what they would send me. i knew it had to be more than coupons. or else they would have just emailed them to me.

so i was thinking:
1. a t-shirt
2. a stuffed animal
3. unlimited hot tamales

then i realized those are a little excessive. just a box of hot tamales to replace the old ones was good enough for me.

yesterday was the day. i got my package.

and those fires. are HOT. 

moral of the story: if you are ever dissatisfied with something you should write them an email and tell them why. and you might get something worth writing for. [haha. lame joke]

lastly....winner of the sneakpeeq giftcard and the amazing handmade bracelet by moi is...

i'll email you for your address..

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