best random night ever. part 1.

friday. night. the epitome of random. but awesome.

sister and i went out for our quintessential mexican food night [via cafe rio] and then headed to target before our night out.

that is where normal ends.

sister pointed out the back corner usually has bulk items on sale. and the face wash i was looking for, was luckily back there. score. i hear sister whisper "that girl is in my nursing class" so as i walk past the aisle, i turn to look who she is talking about. it was then that i realized what she actually said "THAT LADY IS NURSING" and luckily for me. the baby was not on the teet. so i got to see her entire boob. nipple. everything. wtf. 

anyway. we drive into the city and head to the bar. 

because i was too afraid to leave my leather jacket in my car, in fears someone would break-in and steal it. i was in a different part of the city than i normally go to. you know that i am weeny. so i wore it even thought it wasn't necessary.

we walk in to our best friend in a verbal altercation. we were fearful 'bows might be thrown. she was handling the situation though. two guys against her. it was the proudest moment of our friendship. i knew at that point the night would be awesome. AWESOME.

backstory: i met phyllis three years ago at a bar. along with her husband. who is a badass detective and have felt safe in the city ever since. she has two brothers who i had yet to meet in our three years of friendship. until last night. 

and i am glad we waited till last night. it was epic.

phyllis was defending her brother in said altercation. they were sitting at the bar. talking. like normal people. this drunk bia comes up and PICKS UP HIS CHAIR and moves it. with him in it. hell no. 

so they may have said "what's going on with your face? you need proactiv" MAYBE.

she sends her bodyguards [two scrawny guys] over to talk to her and figure out the situation while she goes and cries in the bathroom for being called ugly. [i mean, i would have too] this is when we entered. 

apparently drunky didn't tell her bodyguards the full story. and they all ended hugging it out.

crisis averted.

fast forward one hour of laughs, pictures, beers, etc.

come back tomorrow for more. it'll be worth it. 

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