add to this list.

i've been trying to think of something to entertain you.

and entertain me at the same time.

but all i came up with was shopping. but i doubt you would like to do that with me. so i've got nothing for you.

melissa has some entertaining things going on over at cupcakesOMG! today. go there.

but also. i don't want to disappoint so i am still going to try and grasp your attention.



a list of my pet peeves. in hopes you can join in and add to. we all need to be better humans so if we can refrain from doing what other people hate...then we are golden.

this is just a short list. ask sister. she learns the list grows daily when she hangs out with me. i feel for her. really. i do. 

what peeves you?? please. let's all be kind to eachother and stop doing annoying shit.