for the first time...that doesn't mean 'what the fuck' [fully]

i get an email this morning from my new blogger friend kristen over at whiskey.tango.foxtrot. [which in military terms...get it?]

it said: 'email me when you get a chance'

usually when you get emails like that you think to yourself...'what did i do? shit, is she mad at me?'

well just the opposite.

this girl rocks my socks off.

she made that awesome new header for me JUST BECAUSE she thought of me when she saw the font. that is true love...i mean friendship.

and the best part is that she does this for other people too! so you can get her to design a new header without ideas. because she is so creative she doesn't even need your help! [but i am sure she will happily take your ideas. i is your blog. i guess]

so go here and check out her latest creations and sign up. her lover is off saving the world and she needs some blogs to design to take her mind of that.

and look how adorable she is.

so just go there and ask her to help you out. you won't regret it. promise.