passion in my pants.

and i ain't afraid to show it. show it.

yeah right. you can't see down my pants.

but melissa challenged me to use LMFAO songs as my post titles. and since this song has been stuck in my head since yesterday's post...i figured i would keep it going for one more day. maybe two. who knows.

speaking of passion...

how does one find their passion?

try lots of things and hate all of them until you find that one?

just guess?

phone a friend?

i have been struggling with this for a long time. as i am sure most people my age have. it is completely absurd to know that colleges make you chose a major the first day. i mean, if i chose my passion day one based on what i really wanted to do...i'd be a brewer. obviously that doesn't make me boat loads of money. but seriously.

how do you seperate work and passion? are the supposed to be the same?

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

i see shit like this and wonder why i am doing something that just pays the bills.

side note: if you see something on pinterest and don't pin is really fucking hard to find again...just saying.


so how do you come up with these things are not just hobbies but are possible careers??

i need help.

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