i'll eat you for breakfast.


i took them.

be amazed. not with the quality but with the fact that i took them.

i would live in this boots if i could. 
freedom trail was legit. didn't do the WHOLE thing but who's asking?
memorial for all the fallen soldiers. very surreal. 
i loved this little guy. outside the sam adams brewery.
ok. i loved this tour. 
a little hyped up. but cool spot.
i'll take another.
best sister. 
bestie. pure delight.
holocaust memorial. 
car bombbbbbbbb.
look at that vest. jealous?
so real short recap. real short. 

- sam adams brewery tour. MUST DO. and i hope you get our tour guide. she was the bomb.com. 
- take the free shuttle to doyle's because the driver is the most interesting individual in boston. and his quotes are amazeballs. ['i eat chowdah like cereal for breakfast' 'if you're standing on the pole. you're dancing for the people']
- the subway is the best way to get around. it is reliable. unlike the metro here. and it is $2. all the time. learn from this metro. 
- making friends with bartenders is easy. even outside of your city. try it next time.
- patrone is amazeballs. try the cafe version. it tastes like heaven. 
- i can't afford anything on newberry street. except coffee.
- ice sculptures are HUGE in boston. especially during 'first night'
- there are more guys that go to a beer garden than girls for nye. noted.
- you WILL be hungover if you drink like you did in college. and you WILL want to stay in bed all day. and you WILL probably want to vomit when smelling any type of food. all day.
- cambridge is awesome. but a little less than boston. must be the smart people.
- 'we bought a zoo' is one of the best movies i have ever seen. you MUST go. 
- 6 am flights blow.

one story i forgot to tell. 

if an unmarked van pulls up when you are hailing a taxi...get in. chances are they are awesome. and they will have a cooler of beer for free in there. for free?? yes. i am PRETTY sure we didn't pay for it. all we paid was the ride. but that part is a bittttt fuzzy. slash i got nothing. 

and the vest was great. you can find it at sequinking.com. along with: thongs, boxers, bow ties, underwear, etc. i am thinking i might invest. 

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