i work out.

wiggle wiggle wiggle. i'm sexy and i know it.

holy shit. i am sore. i forgot what it feels like to be human and work out. wait...that isn't human? ok. i will stop. no more working out for me.

kidding. i need to get my ass in gear. mainly so i can look amazing in my photos to europe this year. i hate going on vacation and thinking...i wish i looked better before i went so my pictures look better. but i also don't take pictures.

catch 22 you know??

the upside is possible looking like this lady. i mean...are you serious? this isn't real life.

Source: fitfullfabulous.tumblr.com via Yuliya on Pinterest


thanks for all your encouragement on the class. i was having anxiety about hitting the 'pay' button; but i am learning, so that is worth every penny.

peace out homeslice.

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