i accomplished great things.

pinterest would love me this weekend.

things i accomplished:

eggs and bacon to go. [breakfast for the week. brilliant. i know]
sewing slipcover. [not quite done...but you bet i will show pictures when my masterpiece is complete]
roasted broccoli. [ate this like popcorn watching the #gg]

all found via my pinterest.

i also spent countless hours learning the basics of illustrator. which means...i can now draw a circle. slowly but surely people.

i sadly didn't live up to my own expectations and booze hard this weekend. or at all.


i know.

but you know what?

the weekend felt so much longer when i wasn't hungover. i got up bright eyed and bushy tailed to conquer the world. or at least my sewing project.

did you know that? have you been keeping your no drinking secrets from me??

damn you.

BUT. this weekend i will not let you down. promise. my friend is coming into town and she has given me a mission. and the mission is to find a random for her to make out with. you see...she is a nanny full time. so she needs some grown-up time.

and you and i both know...making out with a random sober just isn't the same. or even really an option.

if i happen to be sick on friday it is because she comes on thursday. shhh don't tell.

golden globes:

natalie is amazing.

but my choice for best dressed and best hair:

i am so glad homeland won. that shit is like crack. so addicting. it better be coming back!

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