holy shittake.

no not the mushrooms you fools.

who would write a post about mushrooms. [i mean i probably would. just not today.]

i didn't want to put 'shit' in the title. i do have SOME tact.

the world is changing. and it is starting with me.

pinterest kind of weekend. and a pinterest kind of dinner.

AND i washed the dishes. i don't know what is going on.

i didn't drink this weekend.

i didn't watch tv really this weekend or last night.

AND i conquered my fears and touched raw meat.

gross. i didn't like it but i didn't gag.

does this mean that world peace is eminent?

i think so.

look at this.

before i touched it. ewwww
i love bacon.
i am good at capturing steam.


you can check out the recipes via pinerest. but the brownies came from jenna. i hope i can save some for this weekend with melissa for our bach watching party. here's to hoping. 

and i used coconut oil for them. which blew my mind. and made my house smell like the beach which isn't a problem. because i pretended i was on the beach eating brownies. that is why i didn't have to watch tv. i was a happy camper already. 

the only part that hasn't changed in me yet is...i hate laftovers. so meatloaf for lunch is already making me sad. anyone have any ideas how to change this? i brought a different side but it is still the same. blah.