help please. [vain post]

can you believe it is already thursday?

my first 5 day work week since the new year and it is flying by. that is lucky.

but i would be nice to call out sick tomorrow.

i had the best day last friday. even though i didn't get to sleep past my 6 am wake up [naturally]. i got tons of homework done. caught up on my dvr. made breakfast. tried out a new restaurant. and shopped.

so i was can i get on this 4 day work week cycle? or just work from home cycle.

ah, a girl can dream.

anway. help me with something.

i am going to be a little vain here and talk about how awesome my hair is.

right now...just dark.

but is the ombre look out? because i really want it. i pinned this look yesterday and i can't stop thinking about it. will i be disappointed?

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

i also might go get a spray tan too. i am pale.