for good measure.

i don't know what the deal is with google friend connect but i heard i should make a google+ page. so i did.

i think you should connect to me. i don't know how to do it. i spent like 100 minutes trying to add the badge to the right and it still doesn't show up for me. so whatever. just click here.

ok. enough of the boring shit.

so i went to a new salon that had great reviews on yelp for a consult for the ombre look i told you about. and this is how the conversation went:

bitch: oh wow. you want to do that?
me: obviously. that is why i am here. so what needs to happen?
b: well. considering you have been doing box dye for so long i have NO clue what is under there. you hair could turn orange. we just have no clue. so we would have to do a couple test strands. but like i said, those could turn orange too.
me: what else do you need to do?
b: well since your roots are lighter than the rest of you hair, which is a huge no-no in the hair industry, we will need to do an all over color to strip your hair. color your hair darker at the roots, then a full highlight then a toner. and since we are bleaching your hair it will need a cut. so you are looking at $325.
me: ......
b: yeah that is a lot isn't it?
me: ......
b: well you can do it in stages.
me: ......
b: so did you want to make an appointment?
me: ..... i am going to have to think about it. because right now, my hair looks great to me. so i don't think i want to spend all that money when it doesn't need it.
b: well actually, it does.

[end scene]

are you serious? you want me to spend $300 after you just insulted my hair that gets compliments every where i go? yeah right. go to hell. sucks because i am sure it would look amazeballs. but i don't support rudeness.

so no ombre anytime soon. i am ok with that.

also. a lesson i learned this weekend that i thought i should share:

beer with 10% alcohol content should not be drank the same as regular beer. will get fucked up while your sister is sober.


and a picture for good measure. sunset last night. posted on instagram.


i'd say i have skills. 

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