back to school.

i just registered for a class. at a community college. and i feel fantastic about it.

i miss learning. so why not go back and piss my money away?? i mean it's in state tuition. so it isn't that bad. but this is my thinking:

   web design class: $300
+ adobe creative suite 5.5 design premium: $450 

not registering for the class but still wanting to learn those useful skills on my own:

   aggervation: priceless
+ adobe creative suite 5.5 design premium: $1900

the class pays for itself right?? yeah. that is what i am thinking. and my brain gets a workout again.

so if you happen to see this website getting a stellar new can only thank for me it.

in other news...

Source: via Aaron on Pinterest

i need to paste this on my door. all my doors. and mirrors.

it sucks to be disappointed right?