300 for 300.

since today is my 300th post, i thought i would recap 300 things that i love about blogging.

1. i can say whatever i want.
2-299. shit shit shit shit
300. i have met lots of really awesome [and not awesome] people through it.

i hope you didn't really think i would bore you with that. i mean i can't even come up with a 'to do' list. let alone a list of 300 things i love.

martha stewart has been in the house. i made dinner AGAIN last night.

anyone want to come over for leftovers?


before the 400 degree oven attacked.
instagram that shit. 

yeah let's talk about how delicious that was. 

we could also talk about how i tried to make my own tortillas. and how much of an EPIC fail that was. and when i tried the tester i wanted to pukey. waste of time. oh well. i just added some guac and that made it better. so don't repin that on my pinterest. you will be disappointed. like i was. [sad face]

BUT i got my newest cowl c/o my mom last night. i passed the original one on to lindsay and i needed one to replace it. 

so why not show you an awkward picture of myself?? no shame. good thing it wasn't last week. the giant zit that took up residency on my chin is now gone. thank goodness. i have randoms to make out with this weekend. 

no teethy smile. awkward. 
till tomorrow good lads. 

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