have YOU ever milked a cow? in the middle of a shit ton of shit?

i have.

and i can still smell the shit. and the shit they eat.

it's hard work. and i don't envy the farmers that give us milk to drink everyday. so the next time you eat or drink something with milk stop and thank a farmer. because you couldn't do it.

but also stop and think about how hilarious it would be to picture ME milking the cow that made the milk in your glass.

video coming. you will be amazed.

anyway. christmas was a great break from civilization. no internet. no phone service. just the company of little shits running around and old people asking me to make their drinks. um hello, i WAS a bartender. and i quit because i hated it. not because i wanted to make drinks for free. get outta here.

shit...three times in one post. i would say that is a record. now four. #winning.

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