sometimes i pick my nose.

i am having way too much fun with these titles.

but mostly i want you to see how SICK this outfit is.

i mean i am PURTY sure i would never wear it because i have a little bit more of a conservative style but i would die if i could pull this look off.

ok go. look.
sequins and more sequins

sequins and more sequins by whitcole featuring cropped shirts

i know right?

i picture j.lo wearing this.

and our booties are about the same shape and size. now that i think about this...i think 'selena' wore this. but this is a little bit more updated.

i am writing this on my brand-new macbook using my brand-new wireless internet.

which is baller.

welcome to society you should say.

but i will probably post tomorrow since i will have nothing else to do and i will miss you all.

but for now. just sit back and relish how awesome this outfit is and how it will never be in any of our closets.

diamonds. sequins. high heels. red lipstick. black corset. holy shit.

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