somethings you might want to know.

my blogger friend-turned-real-life gave me this inspiration of a post today since i am completely unoriginal.

thanks erica.

i am afraid of the dark.

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umm...especially if i was wondering around in the forest at night. but mostly. i need light.

i hate loathe mayo. hate ketchup. LOVE bbq sauce. LOVE ranch. backwards? probably.

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i mean that makes me want to barf. seriously. nasty.

i was at one point in my life a rowing champion. aka i am a badass. i won a couple medals.

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and yes, the best workout eva.

i am afraid of people getting too close.

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wait, you knew that? stop it.

i wear make up MAYBE one day a week.

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i'm just THAT pretty. i don't need it. [joking...i'm JUST that lazy]

hope you enjoy these random posting. i hope you learned a little bit about me. which i am sure you didn't. but here's to hoping.

this sums me up.

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minus the lack of punctuation. that bothers me.

good day.

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