#momsrock and holiday outfit fun

so i have shown you pictures of this lovely lady before but let me introduce you to her. she's #amazeballs.


do you think we look alike? you should see pictures of her as a kid. because we look identical. it's eerie.

anyway. a couple things.

she's crocheting up a storm. she has done two cowls for me. and she is working on a pretty badass afghan. so you can be jealous. maybe you should ask your mom to learn how to crochet for christmas. it would work out for you all year long. just saying.

lastly, tomorrow she has a pretty big exam. she is trying to get licensed to clean teeth in the state of GA. and apparently it is really hard to pick patients that qualify for all the requirements. she had to pay this lady to clean her teeth! seems bass-ackwards. yeah? and if the patient doesn't qualify, she is out of money and a patient and she can't take the test till april. SO happy thoughts her way please! because we need people in GA to get their teeth cleaned. have you seen them? gross. [kidding. i love georgia]

and i can't forget to link up with {long distance loving} for the christmas party extravaganza! i am dressing up as a christmas tree for shits and giggles. why would i dress up normal for such a party. so this is the plan.

christmas party!

christmas party! by whitcole featuring sparkly hair accessories

although, i would NEVER pin ornaments on a $325 sweater. let's get serious.

and on sunday we have her #bloggerblitz in downtown DC. and another christmas party saturday. i mean when did i become popular? kidding. they are pity invites. they told me.

happy weekend. [i hope to be blogging from my brand new macbook PRO this weekend. happy birthday [25] merry christmas, happy birthday [26---next year] to myself. it's going to be a pricey one. but i deserve it.]

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