milk your own cow.

i told you i would post this. i can't believe i am. this is embarrassing. 

embarrassing from whitney cole on Vimeo.

this is the milk they wanted me to drink. it was filtered and chilled. 
notice the lack of makeup. this is worse than normal.

this guy was the best one. 

my mom made me do this. 

sister and i. too early for pictures clearly. 
the only proof that it was christmas. 

our digs. 

and you better be impressed with me uploading this video. i have no clue how to use a computer.

and is anyone else really confused with the new facebook? i mean i have been gone for a year but i feel like a small child when trying to use it. am i retarded?

also, my temp in my apt is below 60 degrees. so instead of turning the heat on i opened a bottle of wine and put a pizza in the oven. it would have worked if the smoke alarm didn't go off and i didn't have to open the windows to get it to turn off. #epicfail #imanidiot

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