merry christmas you filthy animal.

and a happy new year.
i made this card for miss chelsea but she didn't appreciate it as much as she should have so i decided to share it with all of you. maybe you will appreciate a 'hand'-made card.

this week is going to be so slow. hopefully you guys update your blogs 6 times a day or else i won't have anything to do at work.

please don't let me down.

i leave friday for a good ol fashion family christmas. [getting all the movie references yet?] we are going to milk some cows [ew, gross] and drink lots of eggnog [grosser] and probably drink a lot of beers [yipee!!].

i just hope it doesn't snow. old gramma over here hates driving in the snow and i got to get home sometime. so all you assholes wishing for a white christmas...STOP. for the love of me.

i had a great weekend. spent saturday in the office [not the great part] and then drove down to richmond for a little weekend getaway. and you know what? you need those. especially around the holidays. ate some good food. drank some great drinks. and met some awesome people. no pictures to prove this all happened but you can trust me. right? MAYBE more on this later. but i wouldn't hold your breathe.

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