let's get physical.

i am pretty sure this song is amazing and i wish it was still ok to listen to 80s music on full volume. obviously i listen to 80s on 8 in my car but my 7 minute commute is not NEARLY long enough to get my fix in the morning.

i mean. seriously. look at the amazing clothes they got to wear.

i think we should bring all of this back.

what is that you say? people are already doing that? well let's make it a revolution.

i've polled the audience and they want more random shit.

so i will give you what you want.

i downloaded spotify. so if you have some songs you want me to hear i think you should send them to me. i don't know how it works. but i have seen the 'send track' button so i think that is how it works?

but right now, this song sucks. so if you send me some shit song i will judge you. and then send you something worse to get you back. just a warning.

there are TWO songs i will listen to this holiday season.


n*sync - happy holidays.


mariah carey - all i want for christmas is you.

you can judge. i don't care. but i dislike christmas songs anyway so that is as good as i can get.

i am the grinch. i know. you don't have to tell me.

peace out home slices.

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