i win. [also in borat voice]

i guess i must be thinking a lot about borat lately but i think it applies to most of my life.

maybe not running around in a wrestling outfit but....i know a couple people that would totally do that.


look at this sweet loot i won from #bloggerblitzdc with {longdistanceloving}

thank you spikethepunch. you rock.

in addition to that, i met some new friends. i have a blate tonight with one. she is pretty legit. i think we have the same humor -- ie we both think we are hilarious. so it works. so go to cupcakesOMG! to check her out.

and i also added one more to my nye plans. and she isn't even a little bit embarrassed by my outfit i intend to wear. [it will be a surprise. so no, you can't find out what it is yet. and if YOU know. keep your mouth shut. or else] anyway. go to paleo-project to see my new friend. k thanks.

what are you up to this week? shopping? yeah...i need to get on that. maybe finish/start buying things.

if you are looking for some gift ideas go to the scribble pad. i met her on sunday night and she gave me the best idea for my pops. and it only took her 3 questions about him. she is amazing.

i'm tired. so off to pretend i am working.

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