i didn't think i'd wake up.

kidding. kind of.

last night when i got home for work i go to unlock my apartment door. then when i try and open it, the bottom is still locked. i NEVER lock this. so i pause for a second. think about my options. and realize going inside is the best one.

everything seems fine.

so then i just assume my landlord had to come in for some reason [and didn't call me]. so i call him. nope. nothing. no one went to my apartment. shit.

i had already checked all the rooms. including the shower. there aren't a whole lot of places to hide. so i just assume i am fine.

then i go out to dinner with chelsea to celebrate. i tell her the story and she starts to freak me out with all these stories of abductions, stabbings, etc. [thanks to her mom].

i almost didn't go home. i was thinking of my options, but i decided since i wanted to live alone, this is something i would have to deal with.

man up, whitney.

get home and do the re-check. this time a more thorough look under the bed. even though it is pretty small i needed to make sure. watch some happy tv to get the stabbings out of my mind. and go to bed with happy thoughts. [i figured if i wasn't going to make it, i should at least have happy thoughts in my mind]

fast forward. i made it.

this might seem stupid to you. but i am a scardy cat. so this is HUGE. so thanks.

in other news. this OTHER chelsea and i are now bff. i like to surround myself with people with the same name so it is easier on me with remembering it.

sister: lindsey
best friend: lindsay
other friend: lindsay

blogger friend: chelsea
blogger friend2: chelsea

you should do it too. just make sure you put them in your phone differently. because if you don't, bad things will happen to you.

although, i have blate this weekend with erica so maybe i might add some diversity to the mix. we live in the same neighborhood. and we both like eating, coffee, movies, and music. so i think it will be #amazeballs.

lastly, support {av} and her friday's fancies with her fashionably inspi(red) collections today.


(RED) by whitcole featuring leopard print handbags

and now...i'm off to find some leopard loafers for a little bit less money.

happy friday.

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