fun filled weekend.

gosh you guys are nice.

you made me feel better about living alone and checking under every surface before i lay my sweet head on my pillow at night.

thank you.

and you keep coming back. even after i might offend you with some less than awesome words in my vocabulary.

but you can see the real me through all that. i know.


this weekend was #amazeballs. [you like what i am doing with that there? keep it trending]

got to see my pops. which is always bitter sweet. hate to see him go. but spaghetti dinner at my grandparents. yes, i will take that any day.

aren't we cute? just a typical driveway pic.
saturday didn't go as planned, but i managed to get a solid nap in. so that makes up for it. then made an appearance to TWO christmas parties. however, they were a weeeee bit different.

the first one: civilized. more of a house warming party. but i brought some jim beam over so i knew that would get it started. i found out later that it helped end the party too. nothing is better than taking pulls out of the jim beam bottle. seriously guys. try it. it will get any party to that next level.

the second one: oh dear. i am pretty sure they had 4 kegs. costco size liquor bottles. SEVERAL cans of reddi-whip. and all the furniture moved out of the living room for ample dance party area. and a couple elves running around the place. complete with sir santa claus. it was amazing. yes. i took a taxi home. safety first.

another party this weekend. it'll be similar to party number two. so liver...get ready.

sunday i had another successful blate with erica. she is adorable and it was so refreshing to just meet up with a 'complete' stranger and have great conversation over coffee. i think we will continue this friendship outside of the internet. so that is pretty awesome.

i would like to say i am a pretty good blater. so if you are interested in meeting me...send me an email. i'll think about it. i don't travel very far though. unless you have candy. then we can talk about it.

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