beards and christmas trees.

i've mentioned before how much i like beards...right?

you've seen my love for mustaches so i am sure you can just make the reference.

but today i have a holiday bbq for work that i planned [not in my job description] and this guy has the BEST beard i have ever seen. better than santa.

tell me that's not awesome.

and i already tried his pulled pork [at 6:30am] and it is #amazeballs. so i will advertise for him. call him. book him. and just plain get his food in your belly. but he only caters. so have a party [and invite me] and call him.

i also would like to tell how brilliant i am. 

not that you didn't know, of course.

but for said bbq, they wanted decorations. so i went and bought some. three trees. one bigger one, two smaller ones. and lights. ornaments. galore. and you know what they are really for? my house. i need them for 2 hours. and then i can take them home and make my house festive. FOR FREE.

don't worry. we aren't all going to be this smart. but if you want, i can offer some consulting services. i am pretty resourceful. 

[i don't know why you keep coming back for more. i brag too much. so thanks for humoring me and my ego]

update: they are a little charlie brown. but everything for $30 is a steal if you ask me. see below.

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