baby it's cold outside.

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it is so fucking cold outside. and nothing wakes you up more than standing outside for a meeting in 37 degree weather with a 10 degree wind chill at 7AM. go fuck yourself

let's get serious. not in my job description to freeze to death.

done bitching.[hope i didn't offend anyone with the f bombs. sorryyyyyy. needed for effect. promise.]

i made this baller chicken salad last night.

credit to sister though. last week she made some and i couldn't get enough. however, i hate mayo so i wanted to tweak it justtttt a bit. and it was super easy. you don't even have to measure anything!

[this isn't a food blog so don't hold it against me if you hate it]

boil 2 chicken breasts [i think it took like 25 minutes maybe. long enough to read glamor magazine] then shred it with forks since it is still HOT.
chopped celery [i think i used like 3 sticks--up to you though]
palm full of dill - chopped
handful of slivered almonds
salt and pepper
one individual size of greek yogurt. [i had actually already used a spoonful last week for tuna salad so it was a little less than the whole cup]

mix. and done.

i had planned on adding red grapes, but the ones i bought at the store weren't good anymore. so i just tossed those out. wasteful. i know.

put it on some toasted bread and dayyyuummm you have some good chicken salad.

picture from last week:
looks delicious huh? that is sister's dog too. 

a couple of you asked about what i decided to wear to the gala. i had forgotten i had another dress that was a bit more appropriate i thought so i didn't do either. ha. tricks on you. but i DO appreciate the help. but do you like the red lips?? that was the accent color. ha. [and i didn't want you to forget what i look like]

see my new quilt. thank you anthro. nice and warm. and SO comfy.

now i just need a new year's eve dress. suggestions? i think gold sequins that doesn't cost one million dollars would be great. 

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