you can stop worrying.

ok ok ok. i am spending time with my family for thanksgiving.

you're welcome.

so no pinterest thanksgiving for me. i will be eating the traditional food that my family has been making since before i was born. i am super excited.

bestie lindsay did convince me to paint my bedroom over the holidays. so i think i am going to pick up some paint tonight. before tending bar of course.

side note: these asshats scheduled me for 40 hours this week. rewind: i applied for a PART TIME job. i am pretty sure part time does not equal 40 hours. so on top of my 50 hour a week regular job i have to serve alcohol for another 40. not fair. i want to drink. not serve. moral of the story is that i don't think bartending is fun.

anyway, as it has been pointed out to me, my apartment is awesome. and i should plan on staying long term. so maybe i should decorate. against my will.

so i can start with one room at a time. since i am starting with my bedroom i don't have to worry about finishing that fucking chair. i will make the living room last. mwhaha.

but for reals. i have to order some parts. so it isn't really ALL my fault.

you want to see what i ordered for my bedroom? yeah. i thought so.

man it is a shame my illustrator trial ran up. paint just doesn't do anything for me.

at any rate. don't you love it?

good thing i sell drugs work 100 hours a week so i could afford it. anthropologie must be rich.

because i just wasted one hour in a meeting. i wanted to pass along my findings. 'stacheematic' is a free app and it is AMAZEBALLS.

look here:

also. i downloaded 'iTranslate' and that one is awesome too. it's free and will translate any language. and speak it for you. brilliant.

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