working for the...

weekend? that would be the normal response but since i am a genius and got a bartending job for my off days, i don't have one. oh well. woe is me.

i'm done complaining.

i am not recapping last week. it doesn't deserve it's own post. it was miserable. if it would have been an option to go or not, i would have chosen not. but it wasn't. and i went.

moving on.

a bartending story. a good one this time.

while i was working yesterday for the NFL games, this one quiet guy ordered some food and a couple beers throughout the day. then he asked to close out his tab.

as i picked up his tab he wrote 'you have a great smile. happy sunday!' on the back of his receipt.

that is the way you give compliments. not asking someone out when you are married. but quiet and discrete. and i appreciated it. he was gone by the time i read it and it made my day.

so if you have a cutie the next time you are getting dinner or drinks, you should do something like that. don't cross the line and say something like 'you're so sexy. come home with me tonight' please don't.

i am picking up my tips tomorrow when i work again. fingers crossed it was a good day. i can't wait to start my piggy bank.

should i think of something a little more secure?

but look how cute this is:

Source: via TV on Pinterest

i also saw one where they split it up: 'give, save, live' into three jars. i think that is a great idea. because i have such a hard time with donating MONEY. i love giving clothes, furniture, anything away but giving up money is really hard for me. so maybe this is a good start?

am i the only asshole that doesn't donate money? does anyone else struggle with it?

if i split it 20% give, 20% live, and 60% save then i feel like i could save tons of money for my travels.

well off to catch up on your blogs that i missed last week! thanks for the comments and support. especially on my etiquette dinner rules. you would shit your pants if you saw that lady teaching it. and heard what was coming out of her mouth. i gave you just a tid bit. you're welcome.

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