'what's that on your back?'

me: 'um, i am not falling for that joke.'
asshole: 'this is no joke. you have something back there. what is it?'
me: 'again, i am not falling for it.'
asshole: 'you've got something. i bet you know what i am talking about. i bet you love it. it looks like it doesn't even belong to you. girl, you're lucky'
me: 'oh, you mean my ass? real mature.'
asshole: 'yeah. damn gurllll. i bet you love it.'
me: 'yeah, so i can hear asshole comments like this all the time. thrilled.'


bet loser: 'oh, so i could pay you to come to work to yell at my boss since you do that everyday?'
me: 'yes, totally.'
bet loser: 'how much?'
me: 'oh nothing special. just to yell at someone, i'd do it for free'
asshole next to bet loser: 'what are we talking about??'
me: 'my fee to go to work with him'
asshole: 'hmmmm, can we talk about your other fees?'
me: '.....'
asshole: '....'

i kind of walked into that one I GUESS. but not really.

ending my bar war stories on a good note.

lady gaga made me twenty dollas.

bet loser bet me that 'you and i' was sung by shania.  obviously i knew it wasn't. i won $20. holllaaaa.

then i felt bad. and bought him and his friend a shot of jameson. so i only pocketed the remaining $6. but i think that is a win. i always love being right.

but the 3 hours of sleep i got last night is a bit rough. although the pesos filling my pocketos makes it a little better :) [i'm feeling a little spanish today...ole!]

side note: i am going to cirque du soleil tonight. and i am pretty pumped. i have never been before. so i got freeee tickets from work to sit in the box. so of course it is going to be fun. and since you know i don't take pictures you will have to go to chelsea's blog to see how awesome it was. tomorrow. kapeesh?

peace out. i'm going to get a refill on starbucks. maybe pick up a 5hour.

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