what a nice break.

i quit.

big announcement eh?

not my day job. but bartending. the stories were cool and all but it wasn't worth my time to be there. so i chickened out called them wednesday and said 'this isn't working out.' i felt like i was breaking up with them. they didn't really care. i guess it happens all the time.

so i had the best break ever. NO WORKING OF ANY KIND. other than a drive by on friday. but i didn't need to get out of the car.

but i feel good about my decision. i made my money back from the class [plus some extra] and now i can enjoy having free time again.

some people said 'yeah, i knew that wouldn't last' but at least i tried. so there.


the weather this weekend was #amazeballs. [apparently that was trending yesterday. quite funny]

took advantage of it yesterday and got some vitamin d and walked around the mall.

instagram to the rescue. [pat myself on the back for actually taking pictures]

i love america.
you should have seen the people posing in front of this. sorry i didn't capture more.

other than that...just excited to be back to work.


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