november?! wtf.

but that just means we are more apt to get MORE snow. ahhh i am NOT ready.

i am waiting to switch out my summer clothes just on principle. but that just means getting dressed in the morning takes twice as long since i have to go and FIND my long sleeves.

woe is me. i guess.

an update on that fucking chair that is sitting in my living room: nothing's changed. i got two pieces on last night and then i realized i screwed up so i have to redo them. so NO PROGRESS.

i am having a hard time getting inspired these days.

what i love most about having a blog is not having to think about what to write. but lately i just feel like i am stuck in a rut.

it is hard to think that i have gone these 25 years [yes, it is hard saying i am 25] and all i have to show for it is just a job. i get that work is called work for a reason. and it shouldn't be THAT enjoyable, but it is so hard to get up and come here in the morning. i know i am LUCKY to have a job. let alone TWO jobs. but it doesn't do anything for me but pay the bills. SOME days i have that moment when i think ok, this is all worth it but i haven't had that in a while. [mostly it is just payday] and right now, it isn't worth it.

does anyone else feel this way?? knowing that you are in your CAREER and this is it? you have to work for 40 years doing the SAME thing before you can retire?

i didn't sign up for that.

not sure if it is our generation or something, but i feel like we will never be satisfied. we grew up with evolving technology. something always got better. i think that is our attitude towards life. or just mine.

i constantly sit and day dream about something else i could do. somewhere i could go.

but i am too much of a wuss to get up and do anything about it. i am comfortable.

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so true. i am working on it. hence the bartending. but working 7 days a week can only go on for so long.

i'm usually not very personal on here since i am not really personal in general. so this is just a small insight into who i am.

please tell me you have these thoughts too??

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easier said than done assholes. kidding. kinda.

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