i should turn the heat on.

let me just clarify something before i tell you the whole story.

my dad did not use the heat. but we lived in florida. so out of the whole year it was cold for like 20 days. and we had enough blankets around that it didn't matter.

so anyway. i am used to not turning the heat on. but i don't have any thick blankets for my bed.

last night it got down into the twenties.

therefore, my apartment was freaking freezing.

you know what i did?

went and put my snuggie on in the middle of the night and got back into bed.

woke up nice and toasty this morning. but a little embarrassed.

i told my co worker and he said i sound like i am like a bum :(

but i like it being chilly when i sleep.

ughhh what is a girl to do??

should i sleep in the snuggie? or buy a real blanket??

anyway. on to real business. friday's fancies.

the theme was mix and match but i am not a HUGE fan of mixing patters and i tried and tried to make something look great but i couldn't. so i am just going to use ONE pattern. because you and i both know. i love patterns. and solids.

minnie mouse.

minnie mouse. by whitcole featuring gunmetal jewelry

this is the most random one i think i have made.

once i found the mustache ring i had to just go with the randomness. and those earrings? don't they look like boobies? hah

alright. enough torture for one day. see you crazy kids monday.

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