friday's fancies. cops.

[thank you for all the fun comments yesterday. i love hearing your opinions about douchebags. they are everywhere aren't they?!]

let's start with an episode of cops.

that was outside my house last night.

i am feeling a tad under the weather so i decided to hit the sack early. after taking nighttime medicine of course.

so i am in bed reading. per usual. and i hear a loud bang and skidding.

obviously i am a scaredy cat. so i run to the window to see what the deal was.

a truck is just barely going along and stops right outside my apartment. the front wheel looks flat. so i think ah, that sucks. flat tire.

then this little man comes running over and starts yelling at truck guy. since my windows are shitty old, i could hear everything.

truck guy: so you are trying to tell me that i swerved over into your lane going this way [hand gestures] and hit you?!
little guy: umm, you can see from the skid marks that you were on MY side of the road.
[woop woop flashing blue lights]

obviously i couldn't go to bed since i had an episode of cops right outside my window.

fast forward.

truck guy handcuffed in the back of a cop car. truck getting towed. know what that means? drunk driver.

he's fucked.

let that be a lesson: if you get in an accident outside my window. i will watch.

now on to more important stuff. friday's fancies.

{av} is doing an AMAZING giveaway linked to her FF series. i think you should go there and enter it. basically all you have to do is love lilly pulitzer. make an outfit around their new line. and voila. you are possibly the winner of over $650 worth of loot.

however. i 'lilly'ed' myself out in college. [hey, i went to a florida school]. so 3 years later, i can't really think about putting it on. my style has changed. so, i didn't want to take away from YOU winning. instead, i am doing another first date outfit. two reasons: people google 'first date outfits' all the time and they come here. so selfless promotion. two: chelsea and i had been talking about dating a lot this week. mostly bobcat'dom and cougars. so i have dating on my mind. which leads to a question we posed on twitter...

how much younger of a guy could you date?

my answer? less than a year. which takes me out of the running for cougar or bobcat. and i am ok with that.

anyway, here is the awesome outfit i made. david yurman and i are friends again. if you want to contribute to my ring, just let me know. because i want that. now.

first date outfit fall remix

first date outfit fall remix by whitcole featuring post earrings

yeah. i know. awesome right?

in other news. i won't be here next week. i am off to some work conference referred to as 'boot camp'. sounds kind of miserable to me. holed up in a 'resort' for a week working on team building.

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